Meeting Wednesday – March 11 @ noon

Hi everyone,

This is a reminder that SLACYS will be meeting in the Grad Lounge (NCB) on Wednesday, March 11 at noon to talk about wordless and concept picture books.

It’s been a while since we had a regular meeting with all the amazing events we’ve been having, so we’re looking forward to catching up with everyone. We’ll also be discussing details of our upcoming fundraiser.

New members are always welcome, hope to see you there!


Event Recap – In Conversation with Helaine Becker

Helaine Becker

Helaine Becker

Thanks to those who were able to come to our skype conversation with Helaine Becker this afternoon!

This event was co-hosted with Librarians Without Borders. LWB’s chair, Angela, led the conversation in which Helaine told us about her experiences as a writer, her career in publishing, visiting schools and their libraries, and her work advocating for literacy all over the world.

One of the organizations Helaine has worked with is Access Books, a California-based non-profit that updates and re-fits school libraries in inner-city communities. Helaine teamed up with them after visiting schools in California and seeing the stark difference between the quality of school libraries in wealthy communities vs poor communities.

Another organization Helaine has been working with in conjunction with Librarians Without Borders is Water of Hope, a Cambodian NGO that brings clean, fresh water to rural communities. According to research, community members are more likely to use library services if they’re located near the water source for the community.

Helaine also talked to us about what she’s seen as she visits schools and libraries across Canada and encouraged us to continue outreach work as we become librarians to ensure we assist young people to grow up to be readers and good citizens of the world.

Thank you so much to Helaine for talking with us and answering our questions today, it was a fun, interesting conversation!

Event Recap – Cherryhill Branch Library Visit


The Cherryhill Branch of the LPL

Thanks to those who were able to make it to our London Public Library visit at the Cherryhill branch on Wednesday!

We met with the branch’s children’s librarian, Joanna, who showed us around the bustling children and teen sections. Joanna is still somewhat new to the branch, so her perspective on the collection, its layout, programming and features of the library was interesting.

Joanna showed us the branch’s collection of picture books in other languages, dvds, audio books and graphic novels. We discussed potential issues shelving and cataloging easy readers–something some of our members have researched and experienced first-hand.

We saw some great features the branch has to offer, including “grab and go” bags of high quality picture books that parents can take out without having to take the time to browse and select books themselves. The teen annex section features rotating awesome boxes with activities to create, build or play with. The current awesome box features magnetic poetry for use in the teen annex.

Thank you so much to Joanna for showing us around and answering our questions, we had a great time visiting Cherryhill!

Upcoming Events – Feb 25 & 26!

We hope you’re all enjoying a well-earned reading week at the moment! But we hope you’re not too relaxed to update your calendars for TWO upcoming events that we’d like to let you all know about — both happening next week.

On Wednesday, February 25 (in place of a regular meeting), we will be visiting the children’s area at the Cherryhill branch of the London Public Library (301 Oxford St. W.). We will be meeting outside the mall entrance to the library at 11:00 am. This visit will take place right after a storytime, so we should see lots of families interacting with the library’s materials, and the children’s librarian will be there to show us around and answer any questions you may have. If you have any questions about the Cherryhill library visit, please feel free to email our VP Beth (ecrawle[at]

On Thursday, February 26, we are co-hosting a skype conversation with children’s book author Helaine Becker with Librarians Without Borders. The talk will take place in room 250 of the Staging Building (next door to the NCB) at 12:15. Helaine is a children’s book author, presenter and performer. She is also an advocate for literacy work. You can visit Helaine’s website to learn more about her, and please let us know if you have any questions for her by emailing them to Kim (kvisser4[at] or posting them on our Facebook group.

Helaine Becker poster

SLACYS Field Trip – Paddington Screening – Tomorrow!

sq_paddington_bear_ver3Coming up tomorrow, Tuesday February 10th, SLACYS are going to go see the movie Paddington at the Silver City movie theater (Masonville Mall)!

Tuesday is cheap ticket day so come along and watch a fun-filmed movie! We will be meeting outside the theater on the front steps at 12:25 p.m. and the movie begins at 12:45 p.m.

Paddington‘s been getting great reviews, and it should be interesting to see how the beloved literary character has been adapted for the big screen.

If you have any questions about this screening, please feel free to email our VP (and field trip organizer) Beth.

Meeting Tomorrow – February 4 @ noon

Hi everyone,

This is a reminder that SLACYS will be meeting in the Grad Lounge (NCB) tomorrow (Wednesday, February 4) at noon to talk about leading creative writing projects for teens.

New members are always welcome, hope to see you there!

If you would like to join our facebook group just click here (If that doesn’t work search for “Student Librarian’s Association for Children and Youth Services (UWO)”

Meeting Tomorrow – January 21 @ noon

Hi everyone,

This is a reminder that SLACYS will be meeting in the Grad Lounge (NCB) tomorrow (Wednesday, January 21) at noon to discuss story time for babies as well as looking at ebooks and databases for kids.

New members are always welcome, hope to see you there!

If you would like to join our facebook group just click here (If that doesn’t work search for “Student Librarian’s Association for Children and Youth Services (UWO)”

Happy new year, SLACYS!

Welcome to a new term of SLACYS at Western!

This afternoon we had our first group meeting of the semester and were excited to meet some new members! We hope you will all choose to stay involved with SLACYS throughout the winter.

You can find information about our plans for the current semester at the Winter 2015 Schedule Page. We have a schedule of meetings and a list of our current executive there. We’ll be updating this page with any new information throughout the term, like when we’ll be hosting a fundraiser and when we’ll be going on a field trip.

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 21 at 12:00 pm in the Grad Lounge at the NCB. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

Rachel (communications officer)

Welcome & Welcome Back!

Hello all!

Welcome to a new semester of SLACYS!

We had an informal meeting on Wednesday and we are quite excited with the turn out. Kim and I hope that many of you choose to stay with us and become an active part of SLACYS.

On Wednesday we touched on the schedule for the semester. This tentative schedule can be found on the Fall 2014 page.

Like Kim said in the meeting, we are very open to ideas and alterations to the schedule.

Next Wednesday we’ll be having a more formal meeting. The theme is: Storytime, Parachutes, & Songs. Come join us in the Grad Lounge at noon for a brief discussion of story time ideas and potentially some parachute fun. If it’s nice out, we may head outside!

See you then!

President Alli Speaks: Our visit to ChildReach

Today, Wednesday August 6, both the Special Libraries Association (SLA) and Student Librarians Association for Children and Youth Services (SLACYS) were lucky enough to have the opportunity to see a wonderful library that offers a unique service, lending toys. Community Living London, offers three wonderful programs that offer parents, educators and children the opportunity to borrow toys, books, and teaching materials all for just $35 a year.
Walking into the building it’s obviously a place that’s meant for children with beautiful colors and murals painted inside and a big playroom filled with toys that any child would love to play with. All three programs offer the opportunity to lend out materials for different reasons. Some of these toys are geared towards children who have special needs while others are there for parents to take out for their children to help them learn by playing. It’s amazing to see not only how many toys there are but what skills they toys help develop such as cognitive, emotional, physical skills and many more.
However, as a professional, my favorite part was the upstairs library that’s available for educators. Within this part of the library there are rows and row of boxes filled with books, toys, games, songs, and even puppets and felt board characters. Needless to say, I was in children’s librarian heaven! I could have spent an entire day there looking at all the different programs, games, toys and ideas available and all ready to go home with me in a box! What a great idea and great resource for school support workers, teachers, and even librarians etc… who for various reasons may not have the resources to purchase these materials and the craft room, well as a scrap booker, don’t even get me started on that.
Within this craft room there were so many different options available but the coolest was this machine called that allows people to make different shapes on many different materials. Using this machine you can cut out shapes for felt board characters, or event use it to cut out shapes for crafts on practically any material. For example, this machine was used to cut out shapes for a mobile from pop cans … talk about a great resource, it’s creative, fun and even environmentally friendly.
They even had puppets and felt board stories for sale complete with not only the felt board characters but also the song. Before you ask, yes I did buy some of the felt board stories, how could I not? They were adorable and practical professionally speaking! For anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to go and see what this toy lending library is all about, I strongly recommend it but must warn you, visiting there may leave you wanting to A) either start you own toy lending library or B) lead to excessive toy, book and crafts purchases after you see all the great ideas that you’re missing from your own collection!
Thanks for reading,
Allison Gibbard
SLACYS President, Summer 2014