Meeting and Exec Election – Wednesday April 8 @ noon

Hello All!

This is a reminder that SLACYS will be meeting in the Grad Lounge (NCB) on Wednesday, April 8.

The schedule for the meeting will be as follows:

1. Executive election! SLACYS policy is to open up all positions each semester, and as a result the positions of President, Vice-President, Communications Officer, Secretary, and Treasurer are open for the summer. If you’re interested in learning more about any of these positions keep reading.

2. Discussion of teen programming in libraries – examples, best practices and planning resources

3. We’ll finish off with a fun craft!

New members are always welcome. Hope to see you all there!

Here is a rundown of the SLACYS executive positions. Depending on interest we can combine positions. If you have any questions feel free to email Kim Visser, our current president.

President: Is the public face of the group.  This includes coordinating the group introduction during orientation to incoming cohorts.  They shall also act as the contact with the faculty advisory.  They chair/facilitate group meetings and group organization. Decision making for SLACYS shall also be facilitated by the president. The president shall use his or her discretion concerning the need for a group vote on a subject, and if deemed necessary shall put forward a motion to the group, particularly concerning the expenditure of group funds.  They should maintain a list of group member with current contact information and email group members reminders of upcoming meetings and events for each semester.

Vice-President: Will assist the president as required.  They organizes incoming speakers and any visits or tours undertaken by the group.  If possible, it is assumed that the Vice-President will replace the President in the following semester.

Communications Officer: Provides members and interested parties with information about meetings, special events, and general group practices. In charge of maintaining the Twitter, Facebook page, and WordPress blog. Creates and posts advertisements for the fundraiser and other special events.  They are also in charge of keeping the chalk-board up to date with SLACYS weekly information.  They shall email SLACYS weekly group updates to the appropriate student or receive and email all MLIS student group information on a weekly basis.

Secretary: Responsible for taking minutes of group meeting which they will then post on google docs where it is available to executive and by request of members. They should maintain an up-to-date schedule of meetings and events and maintain and/or create other documents concerning group business as the group deems necessary.

Treasurer: Keeps track of the money and let the exec know when asked. Organizes one to two fundraisers a semester for SLACYS. They are responsible for reimbursing members for approved group expenses. They are responsible for allocating funds for guest speakers.


Upcoming Events – Feb 25 & 26!

We hope you’re all enjoying a well-earned reading week at the moment! But we hope you’re not too relaxed to update your calendars for TWO upcoming events that we’d like to let you all know about — both happening next week.

On Wednesday, February 25 (in place of a regular meeting), we will be visiting the children’s area at the Cherryhill branch of the London Public Library (301 Oxford St. W.). We will be meeting outside the mall entrance to the library at 11:00 am. This visit will take place right after a storytime, so we should see lots of families interacting with the library’s materials, and the children’s librarian will be there to show us around and answer any questions you may have. If you have any questions about the Cherryhill library visit, please feel free to email our VP Beth (ecrawle[at]

On Thursday, February 26, we are co-hosting a skype conversation with children’s book author Helaine Becker with Librarians Without Borders. The talk will take place in room 250 of the Staging Building (next door to the NCB) at 12:15. Helaine is a children’s book author, presenter and performer. She is also an advocate for literacy work. You can visit Helaine’s website to learn more about her, and please let us know if you have any questions for her by emailing them to Kim (kvisser4[at] or posting them on our Facebook group.

Helaine Becker poster

Happy new year, SLACYS!

Welcome to a new term of SLACYS at Western!

This afternoon we had our first group meeting of the semester and were excited to meet some new members! We hope you will all choose to stay involved with SLACYS throughout the winter.

You can find information about our plans for the current semester at the Winter 2015 Schedule Page. We have a schedule of meetings and a list of our current executive there. We’ll be updating this page with any new information throughout the term, like when we’ll be hosting a fundraiser and when we’ll be going on a field trip.

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 21 at 12:00 pm in the Grad Lounge at the NCB. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

Rachel (communications officer)

Welcome to SLACYS!

Welcome to the very first term of UWO’s Student Librarian’s Association for Children and Youth Services, or SLACYS (for when you want to talk about the group without encouraging repetitive stress injuries in your tongue or wrists). This is a student group focusing on encouraging the professional development of MLIS students interested in Children and Youth services, with planned activities including discussions of YA novels, storytime and books for babies practice sessions, potential outreach into the community through volunteer efforts and tours, and blog updates.

Our first public meeting will be held on Thursday January 17th, at 4:30 PM in the Grad Lounge, 4th Floor NCB. Everyone is welcome!

Contact the group executive via

Your executive for Winter Term 2013:

Chair                                         Ruby Lavallee     

Communications Chair          Ariana Ferrone

Communications Chair          Skye Corey

Secretary                                Emily Mathews

Our Faculty Adviser for the term is:

Professor Lynne McKechnie