Event Recap – In Conversation with Helaine Becker

Helaine Becker

Helaine Becker

Thanks to those who were able to come to our skype conversation with Helaine Becker this afternoon!

This event was co-hosted with Librarians Without Borders. LWB’s chair, Angela, led the conversation in which Helaine told us about her experiences as a writer, her career in publishing, visiting schools and their libraries, and her work advocating for literacy all over the world.

One of the organizations Helaine has worked with is Access Books, a California-based non-profit that updates and re-fits school libraries in inner-city communities. Helaine teamed up with them after visiting schools in California and seeing the stark difference between the quality of school libraries in wealthy communities vs poor communities.

Another organization Helaine has been working with in conjunction with Librarians Without Borders is Water of Hope, a Cambodian NGO that brings clean, fresh water to rural communities. According to research, community members are more likely to use library services if they’re located near the water source for the community.

Helaine also talked to us about what she’s seen as she visits schools and libraries across Canada and encouraged us to continue outreach work as we become librarians to ensure we assist young people to grow up to be readers and good citizens of the world.

Thank you so much to Helaine for talking with us and answering our questions today, it was a fun, interesting conversation!


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