Wednesday March 19 – Linda Ludke

Wednesday evening the lovely Linda Ludke came from the London Public Library to speak with SLACYS about children’s collection development.

She discussed how everyone at the library needs to collaborate for successful collection development.

We also talked about the importance of keeping the collection up to date. In particular, Linda encouraged the use of collection profiles. Collection profiles are useful for keeping track of what is suitable for each library branch. All libraries are limited to the space they have, so they cannot buy every book in existence. have conversation with branches, each location has different needs, work at the location.

When ordering, it is also important to consider the other criteria you have for books. The books should appeal to a child audience, have good text and illustrations, be comparable or better than similar materials, have an authentic voice, and be well reviewed.

A list of review journals provided by Linda:

Quill and Quire
CM Magazine
Resource Links
The Horn Book Guide** should buy all
Resource Links
Publisher’s Weekly

The discussion ended with policy. Members of SLACYS were particularly interested in the issue of Book Challenges. Children’s picture books are the most commonly challenged book. It is important for librarians to consider the cultural context in which a book happens. This is why certain pieces cannot be removed from the library, despite their controversial nature.

On Thursday we had a lunch hour bake sale to raise funds for the Family Resource Centre at the hospital. The desserts were delicious! And the people generous! Thank you to all who participated!


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