March 11th & 12th – Speaker Week!

On Tuesday, SLACYS joined Librarians without Borders (LWB) at Western to Skype meet with Helaine Becker, a children’s author who is associated with Water for Hope and LWB. 

We discussed the process that goes into writing her books and learned more about Water for Hope. Water for Hope with LWB has to worked to provide books and wells for people in third world countries. The goal is to provide easy access to books to encourage literacy by putting them by a primary necessity: water. 

Helaine Becker writes very unique books, some are educational, some are for entertainment, and some are stories. She told us that she has the mind of an eight year old that leads her into some very amusing stories. One of my favourites that LWB brought to the meeting was: An Ode to Underwear. 

On Wednesday SLACYS hosted their own guest speaker through Skype: Mary Fellows. Mary Fellows is a children’s librarian who was once president of ALSC. She discussed the importance of understanding and patience in working with children along with how to advocate for children. Mary provided excellent suggestions not only to ensure the success of the library, but to encourage personal success through fearlessness. 

Advocating for children’s services and collections in the library can be challenging because not everyone who works at the library likes children or appreciates the attention the programs get. Mary Fellows posed interview questions to help the attendees develop skills answering challenging questions about being a Children’s Advocate.

Overall, SLACYS had a busy week and is looking forward to another.

This week we’ll be hosting Linda Ludke from London Public Library in NCB 293 at 4:30 on Wednesday. She will be discussing developing the children’s collection at the library. As with all speakers, EVERYONE IS WELCOME.

We will also be hosting a bake sale to buy books for children in the hospital this Thursday from noon to one.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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