February 12 – User reference & services (for children)

Hello followers!

It’s amazing how one can loose track of time, isn’t it?

On February 12th, Anne gave a lovely presentation on how to deal with children. In particular, we need to remember the importance of treating children with respect rather than patronizing him. We need to take their questions seriously and maintain eye contact.

While performing the search, you should always communicate with the patron what you are doing so that you do not repeat the search and to ensure they are learning how to effectively search by themselves.

In all cases, try to keep your tone and language appropriate to your audience, a young child may not understand more complex terms.

Age-appropriateness is a challenge in reader’s advisory especially because we cannot judge a child’s reading level or whether materials directed at their age group contain the information that they need.

After Anne finished, we all shared our favourite picture books. Skype and I also brought some other favourites from our child, we passed them around in a sort of reading circle. Some samples are: The Lump of Coal, Red is Best, Berenstain Bears, and Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit collection.


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