Lots of great things have been happening!

Since the last update, SLACYS has been pretty busy!

We talked about and practiced parachute games…

photo photo2

We had an awesome iced coffee sale which also turned into something of a bake sale…




And we’re hosting lots of fun and educational lectures! Today we are having a lecture on classroom/group management, where we will learn how to work with large groups of children or teens.


Next week we are happy to host London’s therapy dogs, who often participate in reading events at our local libraries! Come join us on July 16th for our “Read to a Dog Program Information Session!”

On August 1st we will have a special discussion on advocacy in children and youth services, featuring some awesome members of FIMS.

Finally, on August 8th, we will be hosting our end of the term sponge fight party! It’s gonna be super fun.


We are also looking for people interested in joining the SLACYS executive team, as many of our lovely members are graduating/leaving for co-op/other cool things in September! Please email us if you have any interest in becoming a part of this super awesome team.

We sincerely hope you’ll join us for these awesome activities!


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