YA/Teen/Tween Programming Brainstorming Session

 Our first SLACYS brainstorming/discussion session was completely rad, and drew tons of great ideas out of our membership. There’ll be some more fleshed out ideas for each of these sections posted in the future, either by me or some other super cool SLACYS lady/dude, but for now here is our Phenomenal Master List of Programming Ideas!


Artistic Content Creation Programs


Found Art Projects

Knitting/Crocheting Instruction


Artist Trading Cards

-cross-library exchanges


Art Creation


Writing Content Creation Programs


Pen-pal programs

-anonymous letters

-writing to seniors/veterans

-cross-library exchanges

creative writing groups

write your own scripts

write a videogame


Life Skills Programs




Homework Help

Managing Your Money



Performance Programs


Loud at the Library

Puppet Performances

Interactive Library Theatre

Murder Mystery Party


Good Clean (Sometimes Messy) Fun

Henna Night

After-hours lock-in

Board Game Session

Tabletop RPGs

Lego/Kinex Construction Collaboration

Amazing Race with Community Partner

Archery Lessons (or other book tie-ins)



Technology Programs

Teen-Senior Tech Workshops

Teen Peer/Children’s Tech Workshops

Programs on Open-source Software






Reading Programs

Mother-Daughter Bookclub (maybe more for tweens?)

Regular Book Club (probably best with an established base)

Read and Review Club


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