Teen Programming and You: A Discussion


Join us on Thursday, January 31st in the fourth floor Grad Lounge for a rousing brainstorming session and discussion about creating effective programs for Tween and Teen patrons. Discussion will begin at 4:30, but feel free to drop in a couple minutes late. Sugary things will be available!

To get you rolling thinking about the possibilities, here are the 2007 YALSA guidelines for YA/Teen programming! Although there are updated 2010 guidelines available on the YALSA page, I’m reproducing the 2007 ones because they have a section that’s pretty direct about lumping all the services/programming stuff together.

2007 YALSA Guidelines

5.1. Provide positive programming to meet the needs and interests of teens and their family members as well as opportunities for teens to experience ownership of the library by contributing collection suggestions and situations in which they can share their expertise (with reading, technology, hobbies, and so on).


5.2. Create activities that promote growth and development such as community service hours, volunteer opportunities and projects that help develop a sense of responsibility.


5.3. Guide teens to become self-sufficient library users through example and pertinent activities and positive programs specifically designed to meet their interests.


5.4. Develop programming and services to meet the needs of teens unable to visit

the library through technology and outreach.


5.5. Publicize services and programs for teens in popular local establishments and by using current technology trends.


5.6. Actively involve teens with planning and implementing services and programs for their age group through advisory boards, task forces, and by less formal means (surveys, one-on-one discussion, focus groups, etc).



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