Welcome to SLACYS!

Welcome to the very first term of UWO’s Student Librarian’s Association for Children and Youth Services, or SLACYS (for when you want to talk about the group without encouraging repetitive stress injuries in your tongue or wrists). This is a student group focusing on encouraging the professional development of MLIS students interested in Children and Youth services, with planned activities including discussions of YA novels, storytime and books for babies practice sessions, potential outreach into the community through volunteer efforts and tours, and blog updates.

Our first public meeting will be held on Thursday January 17th, at 4:30 PM in the Grad Lounge, 4th Floor NCB. Everyone is welcome!

Contact the group executive via slacysuwo@gmail.com.

Your executive for Winter Term 2013:

Chair                                         Ruby Lavallee               rlavall4@uwo.ca

Communications Chair          Ariana Ferrone

Communications Chair          Skye Corey

Secretary                                Emily Mathews

Our Faculty Adviser for the term is:

Professor Lynne McKechnie


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